Reinstall using the builds currently available from the ESET repository ordownload page. In BIOS settings, under the Advanced tab, locate Performance, at last, disable Overclocking. Under Recovery, find out Advanced startup and then click Restart now. In Device Manager, under Display adapters, right click the graphics driver to Update driver.

  • This error usually prompts after a system startup.
  • This may resolve your USB recognition error.
  • Select Browse my computer for driver software option.

Some users report that they solve the issue by reinstalling the device driver. This article covered all the fundamental methods and tutorials for resolving the «Restart to Repair Drive Errors» problem.

Windows Error 1001

The “Driver is unavailable” is one of the most common errors that indicate that an outdated or incompatible driver is installed on your printer. It also indicates that the PC is failing to identify the printer driver.

How To Check Hardware Status Using Device Manager

Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect. 4) Once the process is complete, reload the Windows and check if the problem has been resolved. Click Yes if you’re prompted for permission. Therefore, you must check the minimum system requirements for the Update you want to install. Then proceed only if you have enough space or otherwise try to release the space first.

Confirm any dialogues which may ask you to confirm the deletion of the current device driver and wait for the process to finish. You shouldn’t disable ndis.sys file at all. In fact, ndis.sys is an essential file for the smooth functioning of your computer system. If ndis.sys is down by any chance, it will automatically start in most of the cases. Therefore, if ndis.sys causes a BSOD error or critical latency, the best thing is to troubleshoot it without disabling it. Windows users are complaining across Reddit as well. “This issue was confirmed across four computers,” said one Reddit user.

Thanks Tom but as far as I know this machine account is not registered for a beta account and has the normal Mac OS and updates on there. This will start a very long process, but when it’s all done and you log back in you’ll be set to go.