Within the Danganronpa V3: Killing Balance (Demonstration Type), Kokichi was first-seen from inside the stores area going after and you may harassing K1-B0

Approach Fates

He innocently asks K1-B0 is his buddy, relatively unaware one to their measures make Best Bot getting awkward. Following, the guy introduces himself so you’re able to Kaede and Makoto Naegi, saying that he’s the first choice out of a key worst organization along with ten,one hundred thousand people. However, according to him so it might be a rest as he says that he is a good liar. Regarding discussion, he says what you should offend K1-B0, like asking if or not he has got a knob or perhaps not.

Physical appearance

Kokichi is actually an early on child with a simple search and you may good instead discreet deal with. He has got a preliminary prominence, a finer make, and incredibly soft epidermis. They have reddish sight and you will moderately long, wavy blackish yellow tresses, towards resources colored a better purple. From the official artwork guide, it is known that he will not apparently worry about his tresses therefore the hairstyle results from him to try out in it-however, he does either utilize the tincture his bangs mode and make himself search worst. [5]

The guy wears a white suit having several straps wrapped as much as their hands, and two straps hanging loosely doing their feet. Appear to, their trousers are created to seem like some punk trend with bondage pelts, but they are really just fake devices sewed so you can weightier part of the thighs. Their clothing was torn at the hem and also the neckband region of it is wholly went, and larger elements of brand new consistent are fixed with steel video. He has multiple-coloured buttons running down the middle of his clothing, which includes constantly hidden not as much as his scarf, and he provides army badges into the his proper. His garment keeps monochrome areas switching the same swipe ilk mesaj as a chessboard. He together with wears several-colored black colored and you can reddish sneak flats, and as seen in the character design gallery, the guy seems to don a light belt.

In the advertising ways, they are found that have a dark moving cloak and you will a leather peaked cap with a silver badge near the top of they, providing your an even more destructive look.

Throughout the prologue, he wears brand new consistent away from their unique senior high school. He has the latest traditional tsume-eri consistent towards the properly. His individually designed consistent keeps charm of regarding good college annex twelfth grade. Like with their other clothes, the base of their shorts is short. [6]

Because the a giant evaluate so you’re able to his most other attire, Kokichi’s «trendy» underwear has actually much better and brilliant color which have reddish and red band. Appear to, he would like to cover-up their playful heart and you can correct styles sense into the a location nobody can select. [5]

From the Japanese version, Kokichi’s sound is commonly a little childish suitable their looks, but it periodically transforms much deeper and you may mature, always when he is actually both aggravated, foreboding otherwise flirty. He likewise occasionally uses higher voice throughout the English type, but it’s less famous just like the his typical sound is not as childish since the new.


Kokichi makes reference to himself as a bad ultimate chief, and regularly claims this particular identity ‘s at the rear of of many off their questionable actions because if he’s likely to meet their part. They are an elusive and you will manipulative person that unabashedly says to lays and claims any kind of he or she is thought. He could be in addition to strangely quick from the his heading worst nature, openly saying to be a leader regarding a massive secret people, admitting so you’re able to getting a beneficial liar, and stating they have over just bad things. On top of other things, his company purportedly enjoys stealth agents in any nation, command over all the mafias worldwide, torture as the a form of discipline, and you may Kokichi’s beaten competitors appear to becomes sent to Siberia. not, not one of their states was basically verified, together with other college students believe he or she is both sleeping otherwise delusional.