You are probably considering books regarding your hypothetical society away from Mu otherwise Lemuria, from the Col

Yourself, In my opinion your vocabulary out of Sumerian is actually older plus conventional versus code out of Hungarian otherwise Turkish

James Churchward. I read people guides too once i is actually a child. Obviously, there’s no devote actual human history to have such as a society. The only real current knowledge that may possibly secure the disappearance out-of including a society is the advancement of one’s caldera volcano out-of Toba hence exploded to 70,one hundred thousand B.C.

>Thank you greatly having reacting myself. Well, the thing is that my personal book >starts in the first an element of the summerian society, I am talking about prior to >Sargon I additionally the other of these. > >I explore numerous points throughout the faith. We already fully know which they >failed to rely on a lifestyle once passing, otherwise comprehensive this particular «life» are >very dark when inactive. I would like to know the term of old gods, and you will >certain issue regarding their believings in the way try imagine become the life >just after dying. > >Also in the event it you can to learn two things regarding basic important locations when you look at the >summerian society, just how had been assume is brand new houses, new palaces, the fresh >Food, or People domestic element, I am Super pleassed.

I’m very sorry. I’m used to answering even more certain concerns than simply this. I cannot work off training your.

I recommend which you acquisition and study an excellent 1998 book, Within Streams, from the Harry Turtledove. So it journalist currently performed the backdrop search which you identify and you may it fills his publication.

> Hi: I’ve checked-out the Proto-Sumerian Language Creativity Techniques >web-website again gleeden dating apps observe exactly what factors manage are material terminology. The fresh new >first keyword regarding the listing was gaba ‘breast’ (ga ‘milk’ + ba ‘to give’). It is >not my personal intention so you’re able to dispute brand new phonetic setting and its meaning while the >’milk’ are semantically pertaining to women’s nipple and you can ga + ba looks >getting a persuasive integration at first sight. It isn’t very obvious if the >one to looks at the fresh cuneiform signs of ga, ba and you may gaba. None ga otherwise ba can be >feel imagined throughout the cuneiform sign of gaba and that appears to feel a separate >private sign itself.

Brand new spoken words was created a long time before the fresh written signs. The people of your own authored cues got read this new spoken terms while the unbroken phonemic sequences that happen to be no more assessed on the section.

> If that’s the case dairy would have nothing to >would on appellation, it really meant part of the muscles i phone call >’chest’. This would be affirmed by the Hungarian kebel ‘chest’ and you may dated >Turkish gogoz ‘chest’. Each o on the Turkish keyword is marked with dieresis. >A possible well-known origin for the brand new origins gab, keb and you may gog might not be also >hard to find. The latest Sumerian gab is present about Hungarian men >forenames Gabi and Gabor, and in the surname Kabos (old mode Kaba), and therefore >signify barrel-chested anyone. Thus the fresh new -an excellent throughout the Sumerian gaba tends to be >good suffix one to variations adjectives. (Both -an excellent and you will -os are adjectival suffixes for the >the Hungarian language).

Are there typical voice-transform legislation you to hook up Hungarian ‘kebel’ which have Turkish ‘gogoz’? To the base of the Hungarian terminology, note the root ‘kopa II’ meaning ‘lungs’ from inside the Gyula Decsy’s publication The brand new Uralic Protolanguage: A comprehensive Repair, Eurolingua, Bloomington, 1990.

Brand new suffix -a kinds nouns or participial phrases when you look at the Sumerian, very applying your logic, this new nipple or boobs are the procedure you to gabs, even though Sumerian has no such as verb, that have hab, ‘to stink’, and you will gub, ‘to stand’.

Turkish is one of the Altaic language household members

This would indicate that specific Hungarian words have developed regarding an earlier variety of Sumerian. Knowledge of pricing away from lexical change are finding that the language out of farming societies is very conservative and you will resistant against transform.